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Cat 'n Moose dot com Presents

Web Safe Color Sampler

Read our web safe color FAQ to familiarize yourself with what web safe colors are and why they should be used, and for links to other sites that deal with graphics on the web.

Check out our newest color picker which displays complementary colors alongside the selected colors.

Select one of the colors in the swatch to the right by clicking inside a square.

The selected color will be displayed with its color code in hex and decimal RGB formats. Below this the closest variations of web safe colors to the input color code will display.

You may then select any of those to see more colors, or return to this screen.

This color sampler is featured in the web tools section of Web Hosting Search.

select a color
Or enter a hex RGB code :

On a somewhat related note, Cat 'n Moose has done a site with changeable background colors, using cookies to remember the last background color selected between visits. It is implemented with CGI & Perl rather than Javascript so it is viewable on any graphics supporting platform.

If you are interested in seeing this technique, you can SEE IT IN ACTION.

You can see color codes in their numeric glory by using our color code form at the bottom of the page. With it you can express your individual color channels as percentages, decimal rgb values, or hexadecimal.

Wanna check it out? Use the color code manipulator .

  Use the form below to manipulate the color code :
Channel : Red Green Blue
percent  :
dec code :
hex code :
percentage decimal hexadecimal

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